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Posted on 2008.04.12 at 22:14
October, a free verse poem I just felt inspired to write.

the lady was curious as to whether I'd
experienced as of yet
the fullness of sweet-cold October:

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friends only. thank you.

Posted on 2007.12.31 at 16:39
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Posted on 2007.11.27 at 21:07
I HATE HATE HATE how some people think being straight is an accomplishment, like it's something to be proud of.
'Me? I'm a hundred per cent straight. Yeah. *puffs out chest*
    You know what? Shut up. It takes a lot of courage, guts and self searching to come out as being gay and those who do are strong, self sufficient people who deserve the celebrating. So don't give yourself those little pats on the back for being straight like yeah, it's okay to be gay, it's just better to be straight. Actually consider what it means to be gay in this world, with maybe 1% of the population supporting you.

Scene 2

Posted on 2007.10.10 at 17:03
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We're getting somewhere! According to my calculations, only 28 scenes more to go!



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scene 1

Posted on 2007.10.01 at 17:18
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My first scene is done and edited! Wow, that was at times painful, amazing, frustrating and difficult. But here is my baby, and thank you to allfireburns    for beta-ing.
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I need a beta!

Posted on 2007.09.30 at 09:00
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[NOT SCRIPT] My first scene is basically a total blackout and then Memory strolls on, illuminated by a lone, sharp spotloght. She then says a few lines, a general thing, no mentioning names. It should foreshadow what's to come. Blackout again, and then lights up on Andy and Rod's apartment and they have a scene (which is the second one.)

The foreshadowing should include the title which is Should Tonight Come Too Soon.

I wrote the lines for Memory but now they're awful and I'm rewriting them completely. But first I need to search for a beta to de-shit my work. Hopefully.

ANDY: male, 22-30. Uptight, professional. Pushover.
ROD: male, 22-30.  Grungy, scruffy.
MEMORY: attractive female, 60-70. Eloquent, remorseful, dignified.
DEATH: cute female, 7-14. Playful, innocent, light blond.

Also...I found a title! Yeah! I thought it should be sort of poetic, a phrase mentioned early on. You'll see, once I fix up my train wreck of a first scene. GOD WRITING IS HARD.
So my title is Should Tonight Come Too Soon

That's all for now. I gotta edit.

Posted on 2007.09.29 at 14:32
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I had a great plot bunny last night. I was visiting the NaNoWriMo websites and Script Frenzy and everything. I've decided to write a script. (No, that wasn't the plot bunny. This isn't [Title of Show]. My play is not about writing a play.)

Like I just said, it's a play. A straight play (because I CANNOT write music.) It's going to have only four characters in it. I kind of have an outline in my head so I'll put it down here.

I'm thinking maybe 15 000 words. Not too long but not too short. I know that's not long enough for NaNoWriMo but it isn't June, anyways.

It's inspired by Rent, but not Rent fan fiction. It doesn't have any canon characters and is mostly original.

It takes place in New York, around 1991. So basically, there are these two room mates, Andy and Rod. Andy is a sort of uptight, shy geek. He's a painter but he's long since given up on succeeding. Andy's working in the IT department of an iron trading firm. He's 28 when the play begins.

Rod was a musician. He's 27 when the play begins. He played clubs, did gigs but never succeeded. He's also a former drug addict and he's still a chain smoker. He has moderately advanced AIDS. Rod contracted AIDS about 7 years before.

The play (title to come) will deal with Rod dying and it well end when he dies. I'm not sure the time it will cover- maybe a year to 2 years. But Rod already has had AIDS for a while, so he's a bit sick when the play begins.

The other two characters are not literal people, such as sisters or girlfriends of Andy and Rod. They are played by actual actors and do come on stage but they more represent thoughts and feelings.

The first of these two is Memory. Memory is played by an attractive older woman, around her sixties or early seventies. She is always very well dressed, and she only wears black. (I kind of think of her as Angela Lansbury.)

Death is the last character. She is played by a pretty  young girl, 7-14 and not any older. She has white blond hair and always wears white.

Memory and Death visit Andy and Rod many times through out the play. Death is a sweet child who is always trying to lure Rod offstage with her. Rod never goes offstage with her till the end. At some points, she talks to Andy also.

Memory is a bit less tricky but not by much. She brings back past experiences, both painful and wonderful to Andy and Rod. Memory tries to make Rod and Andy reconcile with past enemies, and confront their fears, which neither is ready and willing to do.

I'm really excited to start writing the script. I'm going to do it here on LJ. I don't know whether it'll be private or just Friends locked. We'll see.


Posted on 2007.08.24 at 13:09
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Beatiful remainder
Aging within
Something of stone, of a hearth, in a home
And it's waiting to sing

Telling those who listen
Groping it grows, as a dream
Something in the distance
Louder it seems for the listening

And then, the silence lures the willing
In chords that penetrate minds
Song won't cease, struggling peace, in thresholds that murmur in time
Then wander into the sublime